Romantic Indian Evenings I Relaxing Music I Instrumental I

01 Secret Love (Instrumental) Sai Madhukar; Dr.Ramachandra Murthy 02 Longing (Instrumental) Sai Madhukar;Pahni Marayana 03 You've Touched My Soul - Chhukar Mere Man Ko (Unwind Instrumental)Shomu Seal; Jitendra Thankur 04 Mood for Romance (Instrumental)Sai Madhukar;Dr.Ramachandra Murthy 05 Mesmerise (Instrumental)Pt.Taarun Bhattacharya ;Maestro Bickram Ghosh 06 First Love - Kya Yahi Pyar Hai (Unwind Instrumental)Ajay Singha ;Shomu Seal 07 Vagabond Heart (Instrumental)Sai Madhukar;Dr.Ramachandra Murthy 08 Monsoon Memories (Instrumental)Sai Madhukar;Pahni Marayana 09 Romantic Folk (Instrumental)Sai Madhukar;Dr.Ramachandra Murthy 10 Jiyara Tarse (Fusion Mix)Samjeev Abhyamkar


Akela sun "Rebirth"

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Description: An epic, dramatic and powerful cinematic track suitable for movie trailers, video game montages, sports videos, commercials and more. The track builds from an ethereal piano motif, building more and more by adding epic horns, pounding war drums, triumphant melodies and an apocalyptic finale.
Digital artwork by me
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